Central Bank Of Yemen
Transition to a real economy

The Central Bank of Yemen is working on implementing several projects related to the process of comprehensive transformation towards a real economy, based on the principle of strengthening real tools for managing monetary policies and excluding fictitious tools, thus enhancing its ability to solve current monetary policy problems in line with the vision of building a modern state aimed at strengthening independence and national sovereignty. Achieving the desired economic prosperity in accordance with the reality of our society, our values, principles and our Islamic religion, through diagnosing the problems of current monetary policies, evaluating their tools and the level of their impact and impact in various fields, in addition to studying all the influencing and affected dimensions. The real program included ten main programs that represent in essence the best solutions and appropriate alternatives that were reached after holding a consultative meeting that included all relevant parties and parties.


Transformation plan towards the real economy programs:

1. Developing the elements of the Central Bank's performance.

2. Strengthening the balance of payments.

3. Organizing and managing stock trading.

4. Evaluate and create new tools for monetary policy.

5. Making transformation in the banking sector in line with the new transformations.

6. Reorganizing banking and financing industry sector.

7. Enhancing Financial inclusion.

8. Creating an environment for electronic services at the Central Bank.

9. Developing electronic payment systems.

10. Keeping up with the state and society along with the new transformations.

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