Central Bank Of Yemen
Financial inclusion

The Central Bank of Yemen is inciting to stimulate the financial sector, especially banks, to spread financial literacy and promote financial inclusion within the framework of the expansion of financial services delivery networks, through the expansion of the network of branches of financial service providers and the interest in establishing branches or small offices to finance projects, while increasing the number of ATMs or ATMs to make banking services available and provided among the classes of society, and the development of payment and settlement systems, using communications, to provide digital financial services by payment via payment via Mobile phone. - Financial inclusion, a term that has been called many definitions, perhaps the most prominent of which are: the introduction or integration of groups that are called financially marginalized or of low financial income that do not allow them to engage in the operations of the banking system, by dealing with the banking system through the digital work system using mobile, meaning the completion of all financial transactions in an electronic way. Financial inclusion is concerned with the provision of financial services using easy and simple methods and at the lowest costs, such as paying by mobile phone.


- The most important elements of financial inclusion:

1. Electronic Payment Systems.

2. Microfinance.

3. inancing SMEs.

4. Financial Literacy.

5.Financial consumer protection.

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