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Statement issued by the Central Bank of Yemen - Headquarters, Sana'a

Statement issued by the Central Bank of Yemen - Headquarters, Sana'a


  - We followed what was reported by the media from people who do not have a legal capacity in financial representation, the approval of the International Monetary Fund for the Central Bank branch in Aden, the loan (300) million dollars from the special drawing rights for Yemen, after which it will be recorded as a loan


  - Granting money and financial loans, and the rights of financial credits in the bank under the control of the countries of aggression, reveal the contradiction of the Fund’s policies and decisions and the duplication of its dealings according to political agendas


  - Directing an amount to the central bank in Aden. The fund is one of the tools of economic warfare, financing the war on Yemen, pushing the national economy towards collapse, and violating the rules and requirements of money laundering and financing terrorism.

  - We have previously addressed the International Monetary Fund with our objection to enabling the central bank branch in Aden to use the special drawing rights of the Republic of Yemen, which imposes illegal financial obligations on the Yemeni people and provides financing for the war on Yemen.



  - In order to preserve the rights of the people and neutralize the economy, we called on the fund to manage the drawing rights through a third party to use their value in financing commodity imports, paying salaries, or part of the value of the local public debt to banks to enable them to pay depositors’ money, or to stop disposing of them until the end of the aggression

  - The House of Representatives and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have previously addressed the relevant international organizations and the Security Council, regarding the actions and decisions of the International Monetary Fund, warning against imposing financial obligations on the Yemeni people in violation of the Yemeni law and constitution.



  - Correspondences to the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the Fund’s decisions violated its objectives and policies related to governance, the rule of law, the promotion of transparency and accountability, the non-duplication of dealings, and the non-granting of drawing rights units to countries suffering from political instability.

  - In the event that the International Monetary Fund rejects any of the aforementioned demands, we reaffirm our total rejection of any decision taken by it regarding the Special Drawing Rights for Yemen, and we release our responsibility from any burdens that will result from the decisions of the Fund.



  - The Republic of Yemen reserves its legal right to hold accountable and prosecute any entity or party that works, facilitates or contributes to the exploitation and waste of Yemen's rights and capabilities, and imposes financial obligations on it that will be used to finance the war on Yemen and bring people's livelihood to the lowest levels.

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